Horse riding with Dell Timpson/Copper Cloud

I grew up riding horses. It was the only thing in my life that I could just do uninterrupted, able to relax and just enjoy nature. For my 16th birthday instead of getting a car, I got an Arabian Show Horse. She was beautiful. Pure black with a white star between her eyes. She was gentle, but firm, fast and stunning. Image

I lost a lot of young adulthood boy friends to my life due to my love of horses. I would always want to take them on horse rides and romantic pick-nicks. My idea of a great time. They were more interested in sports, dances, and just hanging out. It was hard for anyone to understand my passion for my horse and the spiritual connection I got when I was out for a ride.

I moved to St. George, UT about 9 years ago without my horses. It was the boom of the construction, height of the industry and land to place horses here was practically unheard of. It was heart breaking.

Last week my 2 youngest kids and I were able to spend an entire day with Dell Timpson and his crew at Copper Cloud Horse Ranch.  Dell is a master at horse training, and people training I might add. He is patient, kind and understanding. He is able to control a crowd of 10-12 people mixed with kids, experienced riders and inexperienced riders all at the same time. His horses are well trained and very gentle. Image

We started the day with a small demonstration on how to connect with a horse. Dell got into a round corral where he showed us and taught us about how a horse thinks and what a horse will do in order to show trust. He was able to get the horse to follow the slightest commands just by body language and movement. It was intriguing to watch as the horse ran one direction, then the next, it backed up, walked forward and then followed him around like it was on a leash, but totally free to do as it pleases.

We then each got a horse and went as a group to the main arena. Here we were taught how to handle the horse, how to develop that relationship with the horse ourselves. We learned how to trust the horse and the horse learned how to trust us. I have to admit, I was very nervous at first. Being so confident in my ability to ride, but in a new surrounding and with unknown horse can be very intimidating.

Once he felt confident that we all developed our relationships with the horse we are able to get on them and ride. He gave us general lessons on walking, trotting, and running a horse. Taught us how to race, stop and back up the horse. Boy, did the time fly. In the end we were given instruction on cooling down and grooming the horse.

It was a fabulous day. My kids and I truly enjoyed the friendships we cultivated both with other humans and our horses. Image

Copper Cloud Ranch is located near Page, AZ. Dell Timpson is the guide and horse trainer. He has 20 head of horses that are all well trained and gentle. He is able to take groups up to 12 people, children and adults, novice and beginners. He also works closely with the exclusive Amangiri Resort giving trail rides, and campfire dinners to guest. Dell also, teaches others horse training, and colt training.

You can contact him by going to

P.S. Tell him I sent you!

Melinda Goodwin

Luxury Real Estate Expert

St. George, UT


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